Factions of Kremlincraft

The player starts the game with one of the three factions, each faction has a number of creatures associated with it and those creatures typically do not like to live together, however a particularly powerful Dominion Master could have all manner of evil forces under their employ.

Anarchy is going to be in combat as often as possible, monsters, dragons are the king of monsters and will forever be physically the strongest units in the game. With Anarchy, more fighting means more units - as tales of conquest spread, powerful creatures are drawn to your power in search of something for themselves.You engage in battles often to find external opponents, otherwise you will find plenty internally. This faction is about burning the candle at both ends to get the most now.

Necromancy is for players like myself, who like to turtle and build lots of things, use attrition or an all in attack, but little between that. As Necromancy, you will be able to amass the most units, because some mindless undead units will be able to switch off, reducing their upkeep to zero. You will be managing a group of mages who can support mindless undead. This is for players who want to turtle and build a big base until they feel it's low risk enough to attack.

Heresy is for players who like gambling and being able to combine things into fewer things that are stronger. Their units are both strong and magically powerful. They have the best logistics as some of their units can travel arbitrary distance instantaneously, allowing them to have a persistent presence in places that are important. Demons are for players who play for the memes and enjoy randomness especially if it gives them the possibility of getting something better than what anyone else has. 

The Interface

The UI is a mixture of dark greys, golds, yellows and dark reds as you can see below.

Using graphics from the asset store for a semi-stylized medieval look, not too dull, not too flamboyant. The design of the interface will be minimalist with context-driven buttons (like the red one below) that will also be optionally hidden..

The game shifts between a possession mode and strategy mode depending on whether you are possessing a creature, including yourself the Dominion Master, or sitting on your throne commanding.

n possession mode, the camera always follows the possessed target, you see a red and blue circle representing your health and energy, similar to many well known action RPGs.

The other mode is strategy mode, which you enter by sitting on a throne. In it you play the game as you would many real time strategy games, you can move the camera independently and you a significantly different user interface.

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