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Kremlincraft puts the player in the role of an outcast turned super villain. Going beyond mere revenge, you build up followers from a gang to a mighty army threatening the Empire itself. However, managing your dysfunctional group of pawns to achieve prosperity requires aggression and wit.

DISCLAIMER - as everything is in development, everything is subject to change


Personalities and Sin

Your minions all have their own personality, which also determines how they spent their lives before meeting you, shaping their stats as in other games - however no aspect of a personality gives without taking.


Instead of picking stats, you pick sins - which increase and decrease stats.

Sins influence a Minion's stats as well as how and when it Misbehaves. Misbehavior is an event that Minions do, which causes them to do some negative action, like breaking a door, demanding more pay or eating all the food. The chance of Misbehavior is determined by unhappiness as well as Sins.


The Interface

Kremlincraft is built in a highly decoupled manner - the interface and rendering is largely separated from the mechanics. This is deliberately done, so that in the future the AI and large multiplayer worlds can be moved onto a big box everyone can play together and get their ass kicked by my machine learning algorithms.. we'll see.

I'm using random graphics off the internet just to crystallize the look and feel, everything will be roughly the same, but custom made and more coherent. Anyway, it looks nice in my opinion.

The in-game strategy perspective (more on that later) they would stop seeing their Dominion Masters' stats and instead see economic information. The left is an unimplemented mini-map (hello project anyone?) The layout is inspired by Civ5 - there will be a few more things on the screen, but it will be mostly clear and compact - Stellaris is a good example as well. Graphically, things like Baldurs Gate and Oldschool Diablo have really nice UI's which inspired the designs I went for.
DISCLAIMER - the 2D tiles have been removed, in favor of 3D tiles, looks ugly for now - but it's better later. 


Factions of Kremlincraft

Anarchy is going to be in combat as often as possible, monsters, dragons are the king of monsters and will forever be physically the strongest units in the game. With Anarchy, more fighting means more units - as tales of conquest spread, powerful creatures are drawn to your power in search of something for themselves.You engage in battles often to find external opponents, otherwise you will find plenty internally. It's for the "Spike" player archetype.

Necromancy is for players like myself, who like to turtle and build lots of things, use attrition or an all in attack, but little between that. As Necromancy, you will be able to amass the most units, because some mindless undead units will be able to switch off, reducing their upkeep to zero. You will be managing a group of mages who can support mindless undead.

Heresy is for players who like gambling and being able to combine things into fewer things that are stronger. Their units are both strong and magically powerful. They have the best logistics as some of their units can travel arbitrary distance instantaneously, allowing them to have a persistent presence in places that are important. This is the "Timmy" player archetype


Choice of Classes

Classes in Kremlincraft give you additional abilities and can be upgraded into other Classes



Skills are modifiers that are applied to your creature. There is going to be some bad behavior related ones, such as the one shown. There will be other fun ones, you can take guesses based on the icons used - which will definitely change, but the skills will remain.


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